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Do you need an Exceptional content writer?

Do you want to boost your brand? Do you want to increase your engagement? Do you want to gain more viewers?

My name is Dan and I’m the man behind the words.

Writing has always been a passion of mine and I’m overjoyed to be able to combine this passion with another – business. I don’t mind working long hours into the night if it means getting the job completed above your expectations.

Whether you need informative and conversational blog articles, or powerful B2B sales copy, I’m the right guy for the job

Every piece of content I write follows these parameters:

  • Powerfully Engaging

    Every word has a meaning behind it leaving the reader wanting more.

  • Deeply Informative

    The reader needs to learn something about you, your business and your brand.

  • Easily Readable

    As a native English speaker, my writing is easy to follow – clear, concise and coherent.

  • Deadline-Proof

    Time is money and deadlines are necessary. I reliably deliver the content in a timely manner – typically within 2-3 business days.

  • Search Engine Friendly

    Make sure your content is easily discoverable.

  • Fully-Edited

    I take pride in my work and I make sure there are zero spelling, grammar or punctuation errors.


Most frequent questions and answers

This depends on the type of content that’s needed. For simple and effective blog articles, my rate is as low as $0.05 per word. For more advanced sales copy, my rate goes up to $0.20 per word.

I keep an open mind about which niches I’m willing to take on. I don’t mind doing intensive research if it’s a topic that I know very little of. I will, however, let the client know up front if I don’t think I can provide high enough quality content for the niche that’s provided.

I believe in fostering solid business relationships – therefore I do allow 1-2 revisions, within reason.

It is recommended that you (the client) sources their own images. This is because of the subjectivity that image selection entails. However, for an additional fee, I can provide imagery.

You can start by providing me with your website, the type of content and the purpose of the article you want written. Additional info is also needed such as word count, keywords to be used, and whether or not you will be using your own images. You can fill out this info in the form below.

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